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Hello everyone!


I am Nate, Owner of GIGI Hosting. I would like to thank you for reading this page. I have over 5+ year of experience with hosting websites.


GIGI Hosting was born out of an idea to give people cheap and reliable Web Hosting without costing an arm and leg while having all the benefits of major leading companies, that's why we are devoted to give you the best service at an affordable price.


We love our customers. That's why we often give out discounts and we love our customer service as-well, we always do whatever we can to help the customer and make sure they're happy. After all the customer comes first! 


Data servers, All of our servers are hosted in Europe (Mostly United Kingdom) unless otherwise specified


Prices, Our prices are low. Yes we know, but why don't we charge the same as other companies? why are we so low? The reason for that is. We hate overcharging and expensive products, as they say money is king and to hold on to your money. Well we love to give you value for the money. that's why we provide you high-end services at affordable prices no matter your budget, We provide the reliability and the same as other leading companies but less the cost that is cause we care about our clients. we care so much because without you, GIGI Hosting wouldn't be here. 


GIGI Hosting Data Protection Act Number: ZB325965


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